Thread Charts

Contemporary Lace For You
Thread Charts

These charts are provided on-line for easy access by readers of the ebook version of Contemporary Lace For You by Jane Atkinson.

Yarns suitable for lace

A wide range of yarns are suitable for bobbin lace – a wealth of yarns are created for embroidery, weaving and knitting but lace can use them, too.

Yarns have been selected for these tables because of special features, including colour-range, stability, reliability and availability.

Fancy knitting yarns change too fast to be included here; they can used, but are often found serendipitously. Using them in conjunction with linen can help to overcome most difficulties which 'effect' yarns might add.

Key for thread tables:

Maker/Supplier - TB: Theo Brejaart; RSD: Riitta Sinkkonen Davies

DP - Dot Pitch in mm

Range - Suited to range of dot pitches

Col - Colour range

USP - Unique characteristics

For - W: weaving; L: lace; K: knitting; E: embroidery; S: saddlery; C: craft

(Tex number in brackets: spinner’s own)

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