Home and Away

The focus of this year will be my six-week exhibition in Dorset, for which I have created many new pieces. There will also be wonderful work by my guest artists filling two beautiful cabinets in the gallery, as well as their eagerly-awaited workshops.

With my colleague Denise Watts, I shall also be exhibiting at the 4th Lace and Embroidery Festival at Migennes in the Yonne district of Burgundy in France in June. We are looking forward to meeting with other deeply-admired French artists such as Pierre Varenne http://varenne.pierre.chez-alice.fr as well as exploring the surrounding countryside.

We have also been invited to mount an exhibition through the month of April, 2019, in the Calisay salon of the Museu d’Arenys de Mar on the Costa Brava near Barcelona, one of the few dedicated lace museums. It will be an exciting and challenging undertaking which will involve driving our delicate pieces – including Denise’s beautiful art dolls and some of my own larger pieces – out there; planning is already under way.

Last year we enjoyed the generous hospitality of Pag lace festival in Croatia, wonderful memories still kept vivid when we wear the beautiful filigree silver jewellery in which the country specialises, and remember at their distinctive needlelace.

I also relished my participation in the IOLI’s Philadelphia congress, and shall be taking part in the ground-breaking show ‘Lace, not Lace: Contemporary Fiber Art from Lacemaking Techniques’ at the Hunderdon Art Museum, New Jersey, curated by Devon Thein, from September 16, 2018 to January 2019, which is currently fundraising at: https://hunterdonartmuseum.org/support-lace-fund